Cross is here. And so is our cyclocross prototype that we will be testing to the bone over this winter.

As with every bike we make, this is the bike we wanted to ride ourselves. As cyclists we always look for the bike that does what we want it to do. And we wanted a badass cyclocross hitter that is not looking like an alien mutant transformer.

The Erdgeschoss (The name is quite funny in German. The actual meaning of the word is ground-floor but if you split it up “Erde” is soil and a “Geschoss” is a missile. Combine these two and it makes sense naming your cross bike like that. Explaining jokes isn’t cool but not letting you know the meaning is even worse.) is our first cyclocross bike and we love it already. It is made of Columbus Life tubing, a tubing we already appreciate in our Triebwerk. It’s light, stiff and durable. Pretty much what you need for a nice crossbike. Further the shape of the tubes and it’s clear lines make it not just beautiful to ride but also to look at. It’s handmade in Italy. The oversized headtube combined with the tapered full carbon fork brings stiffness and with that control in all situations. Also helping in the control department are the disc brakes, brought to you by SRAM. The next point is also about control or more about not loosing it: the CX1. The one-by cross group of SRAM will take care of everything shifting related and let you concentrate on your riding. If you’re a fan of SSCX that’s ok. With the special dropouts we use you can easily ride the Erdgeschoss as single speed cross bike. Rounding up the whole package with 3T Discus wheels providing a wide rim to fit all kinds of nobby tires in.

Well, we already fell in love with it. There might be some minor changes in details but that we will figure all out over the winter. Most of the Erdgeschoss prototype is set for the series.
As soon as we have news related to a release date of the series we will let you know.

Photos by Constantin Gerlach

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