Photos by Constantin Gerlach

Last weekend was full of racing. Max and Marion were in Milano at the Red Hook Crit where Marion raced to a great 20th place and Max got a close 2nd in the “Most beer ordered” category behind Jan from Fixedpott.

The rest of us were in Poland to race the Nightriders Kryterium (which wasn’t at night actually). The event had two categories, road and fixed. Alex, Magnus, Oli and Silvio raced the fixed event and I (Bene) the road event. Consti documented everything for your visual stimulation.

We packed the car on saturday after we closed the shop. With high spirits and a car loaded with bikes, rollers and beer we rode into the night. A few hours later we reached our destination. A hostel in Poznan. The next hour we tried to get a wifi signal to find the way to the pre-party/pasta event and found it. But unfortunately there was no party and no pasta, even though we came half an hour before the party should be officially over. Well, then off to the supermarket and back to the hostel. We made ourselves very comfortable, drank another beer and watched some TV. TV watching in Poland was interesting as they do not dub movies character by character but one guy is translating every character over the original sound. This was especially interesting as there is still soft porn on polish TV. Translated by one guy.

The first thing we checked the next morning was the weather. 8am, 1 degree celsius. That was going to be some seriously cold racing. After we picked up our race numbers we started to warm up. The road race was at 10:15 with generous 4 degree celsius. The field of about 40 riders made it to the start line. I started from the second row and directly could see whos to deal with and whos wheel better not to loose. And it worked quite well. A leading group formed pretty fast and we pushed the pace a little bit to put everybody to the test around the tight turns of the cart racing curcuit in these cold conditions. I was constantly in the first positions and soon found myself working more than I wanted to because the attacks started and I felt like I should chase them. So I did. Then I tried to attack myself (which I never wanted to do) but it did not stick. In the 10th lap there was a prime for the fastest lap. This is where the pack made a mistake with thinking the guy that set the fastest lap would slow down after the lap was over. He didn’t and was gone. Two spots on the podium were left as we got into the last laps and I still worked too much as a guy wiped out in one of the hairpins right in front of me. I kept it upright. Then the bell and everybody wanted one of the two remaining podium spots. Right before the last turn I was second wheel, should’ve been third because the guy in the front exploded and suddenly I was in the wind. Way too early but it was too late to switch positions once more. So I wanted to wait one or two pedal strokes before I launch my sprint as we were still in the last strechted turn. Mistake. In that moment one guy already accelerated and there was not enough time left to catch him back. So I ended up on the 3rd place and happy.

The guys cheered for me the whole race which was really motivating. After my race they were warming up on the rollers as their race was about to start. I quickly put on some warm clothes and got back to the curcuit.

In the fixed race there was a crash right in the first corner. But none of our guys was in it as they were gone already with the lead group. A strong group that got away quickly and then set their own pace for the rest of the race. Magnus, Alex and Silvio were in this group. Oli was in a three man chasing group. In the 5th lap there was a fastest lap prime. Silvio took it. In the 10th lap there was a fastest lap prime. Silvio took it. This time in a fair fight with Peter from Bike Punk. Both quite exhausted couldn’t hold the pace of the guy that attacked right after their sprint. He was gone. Silvio was back in the group with Magnus and Alex as he launched his solo attack. And it worked. He got clear from the group and worked his way closer and closer to the leading guy. Unfortunately the race was one or two laps too short for Silvio to catch him back. Still a fabulous 2nd place with two additional primes for Silvio. Alex finished 7th in the field sprint and Mangus 9th. Oli won the sprint of the chasing group and placed 14th.

Everybody was happy. No crashes. Good results. And sunshine. With two primes, a 2nd and a 3rd place Team Standert was well represented at the podium ceremony. We took our prices and stuffed all bikes back into our van.

We turned the heat on and headed home. We had a great weekend. Go Team Standert!