It was all a dream… And now it’s already three years in the making. Standert Bicycles turns 3 today, hooray! What started with the vision of a stylish, classy and functional bike frame turned into a company and the lives of the six of us.

Max designed his first frame while studying industrial design in Berlin and fell in love with the idea of having a space where he could sell that frame. Additionally to that idea there was another one – all natural popsicles. A symbiosis of bikes, popsicles and café formed. This vision grew and got more and more serious and resulted in the opening of Standert Bicycles on the 21st of July 2012.

The first frame, Standert Track 2012, came in a large variety of colors, meeting almost everyones taste. It was the basic frame Max thought of and customers could build it up to their needs and wants. From courier fixed gear city horses to cycle chic singlespeed commuters, the Track 2012 left the shop in all kinds of builds. After being sold out quite fast it was time for the next generation of Standert Bicycles. So Max was back in the designing process and came out of it with three new bikes. The Usual, The C.R.E.A.M. and The Vice. The first two for commute and singlespeed purpose, the third as a tight track bike. The Usual in a single color scheme, the C.R.E.A.M. fully chromed and partly covered with smooth pastel colors and the Vice in three loud neon designs.

Additionally to our own frames we started a relationship with new friends from overseas and became the first ones to offer Ritte Bicycles in Germany. Their top of the range carbon fiber road bikes with the iconic paintjobs were the perfect addition to our shop.

In 2015 Standert Bicycles keeps evolving, ever turning into the bike brand we dreamt about some years ago. We designed four completely new models, covering a wide range so you can ride a Standert in almost every situation. From commuting to track racing to performance road biking – today Standert Bicycles represents modern Cycling in a wide array of it’s facets.
Herr Standert and Frau Standert are the commuters for your everyday city riding and to go on weekend-adventures out in the countryside. The Umlaufbahn is our new uncompromising track racing machine to hunt those fast laps in the velodrome or on crit courses all over the world. The Triebwerk is our performance road bike. Made of Columbus Life tubing it unites the style, soul and feel of a classic road bike with the lightness, stiffness and performance of a modern race machine.

We are more than happy to say that we are part of Berlins cycling community and also played a fair role in further developing it. Besides events in the shop like photography exhibitions and bike race screenings our Feierabendrunde became a jour fix for a lot of cyclists. The Feierabendrunde is our afterwork ride. Every thursday at 7pm we roll out from the shop for a 60-70km road bike ride. The same is happening on saturday at 10am for 80-90km.

In early 2015 we took a step back and noticed the shop had become crowded, so we went and gave it a nice little facelift, taking the look of the shop back to the clean style of the first year. Just a little more showroom than shop, but nothing too clinical..

And finally we introduced Standert BikeLeasing to the public this summer, taking another big step in the direction of our ultimate goal – world domination of the bicycle as the ultimate means of transportation. Just to make it easier for you to get your hands on your dream bike.

We want to thank all our customers, friends and family for their support and are extremely excited and looking forward to what the next years will bring!

Yours sincerely,
Team Standert