To welcome the city, Pull&Bear launches a series of videos with some local characters who will show us their common vision of the city, while at the same time representing some of the values that underpin the concept of the brand: sport (represented by a bike shop owner), art (represented by an illustrator), social networks (represented by a blogger) and music (represented by some djs who come from a musical

Danke an Gestalten Verlag Berlin. Beyond the messenger and fixed-gear scenes, contemporary bicycle culture is more fashionable, diverse, and alive than ever before. According to Dustin Nordhus of Berlin’s Cicli Berlinetta, “people who live in a big city are becoming aware that it’s nicer to have a beautiful bicycle than a car.” talks to Dustin as well as bike enthusiast Anna Valtonen from Pelago Bicycles, who are featured in

“Auch für Max von Senger und Etterlinsind Fahrräder mehr als nur Vehikel, die einen von A nach B bringen. Das Fahrrad steht für Freiheit und das Umsetzen eigener Ideen, findet der Inhaber des 2012 gegründeten Fahrrad-Cafés Standert in der Invalidenstraße…” Read more

“Berlin wieder mal. Da gibt es doch tatsächlich ein ganz tolles Café namens Standert in Berlin, in dem auch eine Fahrradwerkstatt mit drin ist. Oder eine Fahrradwerkstatt mit Café drin. Beides ist jedenfalls total gemütlich und während man sein Bike pimpt, kann man das eine oder andere Schmankerl genießen…” Read more

“Berlin bike shop Standert places coffee side-by-side with bikes in order to sate a familiar desire of bike lovers everywhere: assimilating cycling even more tightly into everyday life. Serving up hearty soups in winter and homemade popsicles in summer, Standert also boasts a bike workshop and a range of bikes from their own branded track frames through to steel and aluminum frames by Colossi..” Read more